D C WELDING Model GE 3P W 8000
Special Highlights & Applications ·         Portable Arc Welder Cum Generator Machine Suitable for All types of General Purpose Structural Welding, Light, & Medium Welding Jobs, up to 4 mm Electrode

·         In built AC 230 volt – 50 Hz, 3 KVA – Single Phase. (Max)

·         In Built AC 415 Volt – 50 Hz, 5 KVA- 3 Phase

·         Can run all AC appliances including 3 Phase Motors. 

DC Welding Output (Duty Cycle 60%) 225 Amps.
Working Voltage 20 v to 35 v
Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) 65 Volt (Minimum)
Current Regulation 75-225 Amps.
Rectifying Mode SCR, Phase Controlled 3-phase, Rectifying Bridge
Maximum Electrode Diameter 3 mm to 5.0 mm
AC Generator Alternator Type Brush less with Rear Earth Magnet Rotor.
AC Output (3-Phase) 5000 VA
AC. Voltage (3-Phase) 415 Volts ± 10 Volts, Three Phase
Rated AC  Current Per Phase 6.4 Amps. Each Phase
Circuit Breaker (3-Phase) 6.5 Amps. Each Phase
 Max AC Output (Single Phase) 3000 VA
Single Phase  AC Voltage (No Load) 240 Volts ± 10 V, Single Phase
Single Phase  AC Voltage (at Load) 220 Volts ± 10 V, Single Phase
Rated Current (Single Phase) 12 Amps.
Circuit Breaker (Single Phase) 12 Amps.
Frequency 50 to 60 Hz.
Class of Insulation F
Type OHV25°Inclined,Single Cylinder,4 strokes, S.I, Forced Air Cooling
Maximum Power 16.0 hp @ 3600rpm
Bore x Stroke 92×67 mm
Displacement 445 cc
Starting System Recoil Start / Self Start
Ignition System TCI (Transistor Control Ignition)
Fuel Standard Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity 15.5 Liters
Fuel Consumption Ltr./Hr.

60 % Duty Cycle

2.0 Ltr./hr.
Continuous Operating Hour Approx. 8 hr.
Lube. Oil Capacity 1200 ml.
Lubricating Oil Consumption 4.3 gm./Hr.
Standard Accessories AC Plug (3 Phase) 1Pcs.
AC Plug (Single Phase) 1Pcs.
Tool Kit 1 Set
Welder Holder 1 Set
Earthing Clamp with 3 Mtr. Cable 1 Set
Oil Funnel 1 No.
Owner’s Manual 1 No.
Battery Terminal 1 Set
Battery Tray & Holding Set 1 Set
Panel &
Other Standard Features
A.C. Circuit Breaker (Single Phase) Yes
A.C. Circuit Breaker Protector (3- Phase) Yes
Engine Oil Protection Yes (Electronic Oil Alert & Indicator)
A.C. Pilot Lamp (R, Y, B) Yes
Fuel Level Gauge Yes
A.C. Output Sockets (Single Phase) Yes (1 No.)
A.C. Output Sockets (3- Phase) Yes (1 No.)
Digital Hour Meter & Frequency (Hz.) Meter Yes
Costar Wheels and handles Yes (1 Set)
Size &


Dimension LxWxH (mm) 670 x 510 x 670 mm
Dry Weight (Kgs.) With Wheels & Battery 103.5 KG
Battery Specification 12 Volt 25 Ah  Size =190×120×225 (L×W×H)
Above Specifications are for reference only, Because of continuous improvements and up-gradation by our R&D team.  This specification’s can change without any prior intimation



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