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Development and Testing is on full swing at our R&D center for Launchingof New Fuel efficient and High Technology Generators in Coming Months: -

1. GE 1500 (4 - Stroke) – Maximum Output 1200 VA.
2. New Series of Auto and Remote Start (Fully Automatic) (like
     Invertors)) Generators 2.5 KVA to 7 KVA.
3. World’s Most Fuel Efficient Silent DIGITAL Generator – 5KVA.

• Fully Automatic (Start and Stops by itself).
• Can Run 1.5 Ton Air Condition.
• Super Silent.
• Brush less, Rear Earth Magnet Alternator.
• Fuel Consumption 1.35 Liter. Petrol/Hour or 22 Hrs/Per 19 kg LPG Cylinder.

Note – Other Similar Capacity Generator Consumes 2.75 Liter petrol/Hour.

4. GE 8000 Silent – Canopy Generator 6.5 KVA (Single Phase) (Petrol/
     LPG Fuel)
5. WDG – 8000D (ATS) Silent – Canopy Generator 7.0 KVA (Single Phase). Diesel Generator with Auto Start (AMF) Pannel.


Option for AMF Pannel for Atuomatic Start and Stop like Invertor

Product Specification
Fuel Diesel
Max AC Output 7000 VA
DC Output 12V- 20 Amps
Alternator Brushless with Rear Earth Magnet Rotor.
Engine Side Valve, 4 Stroke, Air cooled, 11HP
Starting System Recoil/ Self Start/Auto Start Module.
Fuel Consumption Diesel 220 Gm/KW-HR
Fuel Tank Capacity Diesel 18.5 Ltrs.
Net Weight 160 Kg

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