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In build, Low Pressure, LPG System & Special Water Cooling System
More Engine nLife due to Special Water Cooling System

Suitable for :
To run Twin 1.5 Ton Air conditioner.
All Domestic lands submersible pumps.
can run Inductive loads up to 5 HP.

Product Specification
Max AC Output 6500 VA
DC Output 12V-20 Amps
Alternator Brushless, Rear Earth Magnet Rotor
Engine OHV, 4 Stroke, Air cooled, 13 BHP + Water Cooled
Starting System Self Start & Rcoil Start
Fuel Consumption Petrol: 2.85 Ltr/Hr.
LPG : 1.1. Kg/Hr. (At average load)
Fuel Tank Capacity 20.5 Ltr
Net Weight 85 Kg

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