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GE 5000 BC

5 KVA Invertor Segment is getting Popular very fast, since it runs Air Conditioner

This Portable Generator gives you ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE.

Battery Charger for 5 KVA Inverter :

Main Benefits: When this Generator is connected to your 5 KVA Inverter you get a
24 Hr. x 7 Days Power Back up.

Due to timely Charging Battery, Life Increases. You can now expect extended Battery Life in range of 5 years.

It is worth to note here that 5 KVA Inverter uses & Battries i.e. approximate cost of Rs.80000/-. If Battery life increases by 2 t 3 years, that means
you are saving Rs.80000/- in 5 years.

Product Specification
Fuel Petrol/LPG
Max DC Output DC- GENERATOR, 4.5 KV
Max Outputs Voltage 96 Volts, DC, 47 Amps
Alternator 3 Phase-Brushless with Rear Earth Magnet rotor.
Starting System Recoil/ Self Start.
Engine OHV, 4 Stroke, Air cooled, HP
Fuel Consumption 1.3 Ltr/HR
Fuel Tank Capacity 20.5 Ltr. Petrol
Net Weight 45 Kg

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