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Today World’s whole scientific Community is worried & seriously looking ways that how Planet Earth can be saved.
 Yes, all of us knows Kyoto Protocol & now Copenhagen Summit, where environmentalists of whole World met to find solution for today’s most burning issue i.e. cutting down emission of Green house Gases CO2 etc., so as to save Polar Ice & our Glaciers from further melting.

As we know with the rapid Industrialization, explosive growth all around for last more than 100 Years and burning of billion of tons of fossil fuels (Coal/Petroleum) every Year for supporting our energy needs, are the major contributors to the Problem of Global Warming.
The solution now surely will come through Development of Cutting Edge Technology, that must be sustainable, affordable, limitless, practical, user-friendly & off course Eco friendly. The sooner & earlier we get the better & cost effective alternative Technology for our energy needs, the world community as whole must ban immediately mining of Coal & further sucking of Petroleum from Planet earth. That day will be the Turning point on the whole issue.
Alternative & Non Conventional Energy Technologies To date

Silicon solar Panels are leading in this race today, have achieved 35% thermal efficiency & some companies even claiming more than 40% conversion efficiency also, which is remarkably sufficient to be used for practical purposes.
Similarly we have wind turbines, sea tidal turbines and few more ways too.
No doubt all above Technologies will further improve in future, but in our view all our progress in technologies will be Null & void & will never become user friendly until:-

  • We have the huge & cost effective storage batteries. There must be a side-by-side revolution in battery/ electrical storage device technology in respect to their capacity, size & to the cost ratio. Lead Acid or ‘Ni ’ Batteries no-where stands to full fill above missions and objectives.
  • Their low capacity cost & limited life period are the major drawbacks, moreover Lead Pollution is very dangerous  & Nickel metal is costly metal. Initial Cost to Power ratio has also to be looked in. Production of Silicon Wafer from Silica also needs a very huge investment of Electrical Power First

Many more shortcomings are there, for which we see no immediate remedy.

Team of ours has totally different view on the whole issue. We have drawn a basic Blue Print and some work has also started in this direction & hoping to achieve our ambitious goal by year 2020.

After introduction of this technology we think whole world will be cable free society, we mean, you will not find any wires or cables for transmission of electrical power to different places, irrespective of domestic, commercial or Industrial use. Every House or factory will have its own Power Source of suitable KVA for its need, installed on its roof. It will be much like a fuel Cell & its fuel will be produced & stored locally in liquid form, like photosynthesis in plants, CO2 & H 2O will be broken to CO & Hydrogen and required energy for these endothermic reactions will be taken from Sun. The Vital force called “Brahma Pran” in all living cells responsible for breaking of Molecular structure is the primary and most Important area of study here.

For meeting out challenging system requirements, we are also exploring Wisdom of Ancient Rishis & Vedas, which are great & unique sutras.       

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